Introduction to Mink

There are two types of browser emulator, Headless and browser controller. Main difference between both is that headless are faster but provide no support for JS/Ajax, while browser emulator like selenium provide support for JS/Ajax but are  slower compare to headless. In real world application we need to use both browser emulator for out project.

Mink help you to choose best emulator for your project by removing API differences between different browser emulators by providing different drivers for every browser emulator. 

Some Key Points about Mink

  • Mink is a library that allows you to browse programmatically, using PHP, and access the contents.
  • Mink is a PHP 5.3+ library that you'll use inside your test and feature suites.
  • Mink is Integrated with Behat using MinkExtension.
  • To simulate this interaction between the browser and the web application in our tests. We need Mink.
  • Mink always talks with browser emulators through its driver. 
  • Mink is an open source browser controller/emulator for web applications.