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Create PyDev Project for Python in Eclipse

Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) used in computer programming.

PyDev enables Eclipse to support Python (and is among the leading tools for Python coding). It's also an open source project created by Aleks Totic in 2003 and kept going by Fabio Zadrozny since 2005. 

To create PyDev project in Eclipse you first need to install PyDev plugin for eclipse. If you already have installed PyDev plugin you can directly jump to steps and start creating your project otherwise follow This Link to Install PyDev Plugin for Eclipse.

Step 1: Launch Eclipse

Step 2: File ->New->Other

Step 3: Select PyDev Project and Click Next

Step 4: If you see error "Project interpreter not specified", click on "Please configure an interpreter before proceeding." on same screen.

Step 5: Click on "Advanced Auto Config."

Step 6: Select all check boxes and click Next

Step 7: Click Finish

Step 8: Click "Open Prospective."

Your project is ready, Happy Python Coding!

Video Tutorial


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