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What are the Extensions can be used other than Callout, Sitelink and Structure Snippet in Search ads?

Location Extensions: Give directions to the business: Location extensions let you show your business address, phone number, and a map marker alongside your ad text. On mobile devices, there’s a link with directions to your business.

Location extensions are served via the Google My Business (GMB) account. Make sure information such as address and phone number are updated.


Affiliate location Extensions: Affiliate location extensions allow product manufacturers to drive visits to retail partners that sell their products. The format displays the headline and URL for the manufacturer’s website, ad text for the manufacturer’s product, and the nearest retailer.
In the Google Ads interface, select retail chains or automotive dealerships to highlight all of the nearby locations where consumers can find your products.

Call Extensions:If you’re looking to get calls from customers, use call extensions. These extend ads with a phone number, allowing mobile users to directly call your business.

Enable phone call conversions reporting in account settings to assess which campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are most effective at driving call conversions.


App Extensions:App extensions are great if you have an app to promote. This format gives you the option of driving traffic to your website or the app store from a single text ad. 

By giving the option to install the app via the extension, you increase your app’s visibility and grow your installation base.


Price Extensions: Price extensions let you showcase your services and range of products alongside their respective prices. They’re available globally in several languages and currencies.

Don't use promotional copy in descriptive lines also don't repeat headlines and description lines.


Promotion Extensions: Promotion extensions allow you to quickly and prominently display information about your promotions without having to update every single ad.Promotion extensions show below your ads in an eye-catching format.

Choose to show your promotion extensions within the date of the occasion, or specify the dates, days of the week, or times of day you want them to show.


Message Extensions: Message extensions are a mobile-only format that enables clients to easily connect with a growing segment of users who prefer to text.