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What are the benefits of Google's Search Audience solutions.

Google’s Audience solutions is a set of strategies and products that help you reach high-value customers in the moments when they’re ready to buy the products you offer. 
It allows to condition bids, creatives, and keywords based on various customer groups. BAsed on different marketing goals Audience groups are created.

If the goal is to create Awareness then we can choose from Detailed Demographics and Affinity Audience.

Detailed Demographics allows advertisers to reach people based on advanced demographic criteria like marital status, education, parenting stage, and homeownership.

Affinity Audiences aggregates people who have demonstrated a strong interest in a given topic.

If the goal is to drive consideration we can choose In- Market Audience, RLSA, Similar Audience.

In-Market Audiences is a powerful way to drive consideration among people who are actively researching the products or services you offer and who we've inferred are in-market to buy them.

RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ads) helps you reach people who have engaged with your website or YouTube channel in the past.

Similar Audiences for Search helps you find new customers that share the behaviors and characteristics of your remarketing audience segments. 

If Marketing goal is to Increase purchases and loyalty with your existing customers then we can choose from Customer Match and RLSA

Customer Match allows you to upload your own data into Google Ads and reach custom segments across devices. Find your loyal customers, exclude your current customers, and expand to reach those that resemble your customers.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads can help you reach those who were your customers in the past