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Google Ads Tutorials

1. Google Ads Fundamental

       1.1 Google Ads Introduction

       1.2 What is Search Engine Marketing

       1.3 Why we use Google Search

       1.4 How does Google Ads work

       1.5 Benefits of Google Ads

       1.6 Types of Google Networks

       1.7 How Google Ads Account Organised

2. Google Ads Campaign

       2.1 What is Campaign

       2.2 Different Google Ads Campaign Type

       2.3 Campaign Settings

       2.4 How to set Search Network campaign

3. Google Ads AdGroups

4. Google Ads and Ads Extension

        4.1 Ad Formats

        4.2 What is Google Text Ads and how it look like

        4.3 Different parts of Text Ads

        4.4 Tips for Writing Effective Text Ads

        4.5 Tips to improve Landing Page Experience

        4.6 What is Google Ad Extension and Why we need it

        4.7 Different types of Google Ad Extensions

        4.8 When do Google Ad Extension show up

5. Keywords

       5.1 What are Keywords

       5.2 Different types of Keywords

       5.3 How to build Keyword List

       5.4 How to write effective keywords 

       5.5 Match Types 

6. Google Ads Auction

        6.1 Google Ads Auction

       6.2 The Quality Score

       6.3 AdRank

7. Cost Model

       7.1 Google Ads Cost Models

       7.2 CPM

       7.3 CPC

       7.4 CPV

       7.5 CPA

       7.6 How to calculate media cost     

8. Goals & Conversion Tracking

       8.1 Find potential customer online

       8.2 Campaign Goals and potential KPIs

       8.3 Why we use Conversion tracking

       8.4 How does conversion tracking work

       8.5 Identifying the appropriate conversion source

9. Bidding & Bidding Strategy

       9.1 Bidding Basics

       9.2 Two ways to manage your bids

       9.3 How to determine Bidding Strategy

       9.4 How to choose Bid amount

       9.5 Tools to determine CPC bids

       9.6 How automated bidding works

       9.7 When to use automated bidding

       9.8 When to choose Manual Bidding

       9.9 How to choose automated bidding strategy

9. Bid Adjustment

       9.1 What is Bid Adjustment

       9.2 What types of Bid Adjustment are available

       9.3 How to use Bid Adjustment to reach your goal

10. Budget

       10.1 How to set your daily Budget

       10.2 How to determine your daily Budget

       10.3 Budget Strategy

11. Campaign Performance & Optimization

       11.1 How to measure your result

       11.2 How to optimize your campaign

12. Editorial Errors and Trademark Disapproval

       12.1 Trademark Approval