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Behat Tutorials

Behat Tutorials

Behat is a test framework for behavior-driven development written in the PHP programming language. 

Mink removes API differences between different browser emulators providing different drivers for every browser emulator and providing you with an easy way to control the browser , traverse pages,  manipulate page elements or interact with them.

Drupal Extension help in automation for Drupal Websites.

Note: Below content can also be used if you want to work with Behat & Mink only.

1Introduction to Behat with Mink & Drupal Extension

       - Introduction to Behat

       - Introduction to Mink

       - Introduction to Drupal Extension to Behat and Mink

       - Introduction to BDD

2. The Gherkin Language 

       - Introduction to Gherkin Language

       -  Keywords of Gherkin Language

       - Languages Supported By Gherkin

3. Behat Project Setup With Mink & Drupal Extension

       - Install Behat on your System

       - Intialize a New Behat Project       

       - Behat & Mink Project Setup & Standalone Installation (Coming Soon)

       - Behat & Mink Project Setup & System Wide Installation (Coming Soon)

       - Behat, Mink & Drupal Extension Project Setup & Standalone Installation (Coming Soon)

       - Behat, Mink & Drupal Extension Project Setup & System Wide Installation (Coming Soon)       

       - Several ways of executing Behat Project

4. Features, Scenario & Scenario Outlines

       - Features and Scenario in Behat

       - Writing Scenario in Behat using Steps and Keywords

       - Use Backgrounds in Behat Feature File

       -  Scenario Outline & Examples in Behat

       - Multiple Arguments in Behat: Tables & PyStrings

5. Tags & Hooks

6. Step Definition & Execution

7. Drivers Support (Coming Soon)

       - List of Drivers Supported By Mink

       - Mink: GoutteDriver (Coming Soon)

       - Mink: BrowserKitDriver (Coming Soon)

       - Mink: Selenium2Driver

       - Mink: ZombieDriver (Coming Soon)

       - Mink: SahiDriver (Coming Soon)

       - Mink: SeleniumDriver (Coming Soon)

       - List of Drivers Supported By Drupal Extension (Coming Soon)

       - Drupal Extension: Blackbox Driver (Coming Soon)

       - Drupal Extension: Drush Driver (Coming Soon)

       - Drupal Extension: Drupal API Driver (Coming Soon)

8. Behat Configuration

       - Sample behat.yml file for Behat Drupal Extension Blackbox Driver Project

9. Controlling The Browser and Session Management

       - How to open Browser using Behat & Mink?

       - How to start Selenium Standalone Server with Browser

       - Behat & Mink: Using Browser History

       - Behat & Mink: Cookie Management

10. Traversing, Manipulating and Interacting with Pages

       - DocumentElement and NodeElement (Coming Soon)

       - Traversal Method (Coming Soon)

       - Selectors (Coming Soon)

       - Examples of Traversion Pages using Mink (Coming Soon)

       - Getting the tag Name (Coming Soon)

       - Accessing HTML Attributes (Coming Soon)

       - Element Content and Text (Coming Soon)

       - Checking Element Visibility (Coming Soon)

       - Accessing Form State (Coming Soon)

       - Interacting with Links and Button (Coming Soon)

       - Interacting with Forms (Coming Soon)

       - Interacting with the Mouse (Coming Soon)

       - Manipulating the Focus (Coming Soon)

       - Drag and Drop (Coming Soon)

       - Behat & Mink: Shortcuts Methods for interacting with Pages using TraversableElement class

11. Contexts (Coming Soon)

       - Context Class Requirement (Coming Soon)

       - Context Lifetime (Coming Soon)

       - Multiple Contexts (Coming Soon)

       - Context Parameters (Coming Soon)

       - Context Traits (Coming Soon)

       - Drupal Extension Contexts (Coming Soon)

 12. Extensions (Coming Soon)

 13. Profiles (Coming Soon)

14. Behat Practice

       - Behat with Mink and Drupal Extension Examples