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SEO Interview Questions

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Why we need SEO?

Here are few reasons why a website needs search engine optimization

1. Goal of SEO optimization is to improve website’s rankings in search results. And the purpose of achieving high rankings is to attract more traffic for getting the quality leads.

2. It's a long term,a very small amount investment to keep your website on top rankings. Results start coming with in some time having great conversion rates for specific keywords. Same can be verified with the Analytics data.

3. SEO is Pull Marketing based on customer intent. It brings your business in front of the actively searching target audience. It plays an important role to offer information about products and services.

4. SEO helps to build credibility and authority like if you have done SEO and Content marketing for your website, user will 

5. Search engine can customize search results based on user's recent search behavior, location, web history, demographic etc. It means a lot of searches will come on SERP as according to the pre feed customized data of target audience.

6. Every other business is in race to get better results for the website. SEO helps to stay ahead of competitors.

7. Google’s ultimate goal is to provide the best possible results for their users. As a result, many of their algorithm updates focus on making sure that they’re directing users to sites that not only provide relevant content, but also a great user experience.

What is the difference between a Search Engine and a Search Directory?

Search Engine Web Directory
It uses programs like robots,crawlers or spiders which gives the results for your searches. It is human powered, Site owners submit their sites to directories and determine which site to be include in directory.
Search engines don't have any category specific page.

Search directories have different specified categories where users can search URLs and links.

Examples: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, Baidu, AOl.com, DuckDuckGo, Wolframalpha etc. Examples: dmoz.org, ii.org , business.com, botw.org,sunsteam.com etc. 


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