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Project Management Interview Questions

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What do you know about impediments in Scrum? Give some examples of impediments.

Impediments are the obstacles or issues faced by scrum team which slow down their speed of work. If something is trying to block the scrum team from their getting work "Done" then it is an impediment. Impediments can come in any form. Some of the impediments are given as:

  • Resource missing or sick team member
  • Technical, operational, organisational problems
  • Lack of management supportive system
  • Business problems
  • External issues such as weather, war etc
  • Lack of skill or knowledge

What are the Activities Covered by Software Project Management?

1. Feasibility Study: Feasibility study is need to determine that project is worth starting. The development, operational cost, benefits are estimated.

2. Planning: Once feasibility study is done, then project planning can be started. For Larger project it is not possible to do all the planning in the beginning. Planning is done for different stages.

3. Project Execution: Project execution include design and implementation.

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