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MySQL Fundamentals Interview Questions

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using MySQL?

There are several advantages of MySQL which are making it a more popular database system now. Some significant advantages and disadvantages of MySQL are mentioned below:


  • It is well-known for its reliable and secure database management system. Transactional tasks of the website can be done more securely by using this software.
  • It supports different types of storage engines to store the data and it works faster for this feature.
  • It can handle millions of queries with a high-speed transactional process.
  • It supports many advanced level database features, such as multi-level transactions, data integrity, deadlock identification, etc.
  • Maintenance and debugging processes are easier for this software.


  • It is hard to make MySQL scalable.
  • It is not suitable for a very large type of database.
  • The uses of stored routines and triggers are limited to MySQL.

What are the features of MySQL?

MySQL has several useful features that make it a popular database management software.

Some important features of MySQL are mentioned below:

  • It is reliable and easy to use too.
  • It is a suitable database software for both large and small applications.
  • Anyone can install and use it at no cost.
  • It is supported by many well-known programming languages, such as PHP, Java, C++, PERL, etc.
  • It supports standard SQL (Structured Query Language).
  • The open-source license of MySQL is customizable. Hence, a developer can modify it according to the requirements of the application.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open-source DBMS which is developed and distributed by Oracle Corporation.

It is supported by most of the popular operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, etc. It can be used to develop different types of applications but it is mainly used for developing web applications.

MySQL uses GPL(GNU General Public License) license so that anyone can download and install it for developing those applications which will be published or distributed freely. But if a user wants to develop any commercial application using MySQL then he/she will need to buy the commercial version of MySQL.

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