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MySQL Administration Interview Questions

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What is the function of mysqldump?

mysqldump is a useful utility tool of MySQL that is used to dump one or more or all databases from the server for backup or transfer to another database server.

For a single database:

mysqldump [OPTIONS] db_name [TABLES]

For multiple databases:

mysqldump [OPTIONS] –databases DB1 [DB2 DB3...]

For all databases:

mysqldump [OPTIONS] –all-databases

Example: The following command will create a dump of the "newdb" database and export the content of the database in the file, newdb.sql.

mysqldump –databases newdb > newdb.sql

What is the function of myisamchk?

myisamchk is a useful database utility tool that is used to get information about MyISAM database tables.

The myisamchk utility gets information about your database tables or checks, repairs, or optimizes them. myisamchk works with MyISAM tables (tables that have .MYD and .MYI files for storing data and indexes).

myisamchk [OPTION] table_name...

The available options of this tool can be retrieved by using the following command.

myisamchk –help

To check or repair all MyISAM tables, the following command will be required for executing from the database directory location.

myisamchk *.MYI
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