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DoubleClick for Advertisers Interview Questions

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How DFA (DoubleClick for Advertisers) works?

It uses double click cookies to track time, ad placement, user id and the referral URL, IP address to track country and city from where the ad is seen.

Addition to double click cookies, Google says that if you click on an advert a cookie will be set on your browser. This is designed so that the company that advertised will know if you then, after seeing an advertisement, went on to buy the product. And when cookie is not available it may use ‘Anonymous Identifier’, for example you are accessing a site from your mobile phone then a unique Id will be assigned to you to monitor the tracking.

What is DFA (DoubleClick for Advertisers)?

DFA is an ad server which is used to track impressions and clicks for creatives on social networks. It enables rich-media creative serving easy, and can host large files that cannot be directly uploaded onto publishers Ad-server.  Generally, it is a third party hosting service, that helps advertisers to add metrics to compare with publisher’s metrics.

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