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The Psychology of Testing

There are several psychological factors that influence testing and its success. Mindset should be different while testing and reviewing from that used while developing software. Developers can test the functionality coded by them but its better functionality is tested by trained and professional testing resources. 

Software can be tested independently. A certain degree of independence(avoiding the author bias) often makes the tester more efficient in finding bugs. Several levels of independence can be defined:

  • Tests designed by the person who wrote the software.
  • Test designed by another person within same team, eg: another programmer.
  • Test designed by a person from a different organisation's test team.
  • Test designed by a person from a different organisation, such as outsourced testing or certification by an external body.

Testing seen as a destructive activity because identifying failures during testing may per perceived as criticism. When testers run their test they should be careful how they react. Developer generally perceive this defect as personal criticism. Project manager get annoyed for holding project. Customer may lose confidence. So defects should be reported politely.

To report other people mistakes is not an easy job and requires diplomacy and tact.

In many organisation, early stage of testing is done by developer and later by specialised Test group and later by customers.

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