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PHP Tutorials

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as ASP and JSP.

Below tutorials are written by our writers who has remain part of the top industries and institutions for a long time and contributing to several communites of PHP. We tried our best to create a useful and error free content but you may find error while reading. We appreciate your feedback in case you find any issue with content.

Chapters Contents

Introduction & Installation (Coming Soon)

       - Introduction to PHP

       - Three Main areas where PHP scripts are used

       - PHP Features

       - PHP Installation

       - Writer Your First PHP Program (Coming Soon)

       - PHP & HTML (Coming Soon)

2 Object Oriented Programming & Features (Coming Soon)

Variables, Constants & Data Types (Coming Soon)

       - Variables in PHP

       - Data Types in PHP


Operators (Coming Soon)

       - Arithmetic Operators in PHP (Coming Soon)

       - Assignment Operators in PHP (Coming Soon)

       - Comparison Operators in PHP (Coming Soon) 

       - Logical Operators in PHP (Coming Soon)

       - Bitwise Operators in PHP (Coming Soon)

       - Operator Precedence (Coming Soon)


Strings (Coming Soon)

        - String Concatenation in PHP (Coming Soon)

       - String Comparison in PHP (Coming Soon)


Arrays (Coming Soon)

       - Numeric Arrays in PHP (Coming Soon) 


Control Structure (Coming Soon)

       - If/Then Statements (Coming Soon)

       - Switch Statements (Coming Soon)

       - For Loops (Coming Soon)

       - For Each Loops (Coming Soon)

       - While Loops (Coming Soon)

8 Functions (Coming Soon)
9 Classes & Objects (Coming Soon)
10 Inheritance (Coming Soon)
11 Access Levels (Coming Soon)
12 Namespaces (Coming Soon)
13 Interface (Coming Soon)
14 References (Coming Soon)
15 Abstract (Coming Soon)
16 Traits (Coming Soon)

Working with Files & Directories (Coming Soon)

       - Opening a File (Coming Soon)

       - Reading a File (Coming Soon)

       - Closing a File (Coming Soon)

18 Type Declaration & Conversion (Coming Soon)
19 Cookies (Coming Soon)
20 Sessions (Coming Soon)
21 Exception Handling, Debugging & Profiling (Coming Soon)
22 PHP Design Patterns (Coming Soon)
23 PHP & Ajax (Coming Soon)
24 PHP & Database (Coming Soon)
25 PHP & MySQL (Coming Soon)
26 PHP & Oracle (Coming Soon)
27 PHP & SQL Server (Coming Soon)
28 PHP & Web Services (Coming Soon)
29 PHP & XML (Coming Soon)
30 PHP & XHTML (Coming Soon)
31 PHP Tools (Coming Soon)