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Jars or Maven Dependencies required for REST Assured Project

Its good idea to use Maven dependencies instead of adding jars to your project directly. Maven automatically download jars using dependencies management. If you still want to download the jar:

Jars/Maven Dependencies

Below are required and useful jars for project:

Required Jars/Dependencies

  • Rest Assured
  • JSON Path*
  • XML Path*
  • JSON Schema Validator*
  • JUNIT/TestNG

Note: You need to choose either of JSON or XML depending on your requirement. 

Other Jars/Dependencies

  • Extent Report
  • Spring Mock MVC
  • Spring Web Test Client
  • Scala Support
  • Kotlin Extensions

Note: JUNIT or TestNG is required depending on type of framework you are using.

How to Download Jars/Dependencies 

There are 2 ways to download it:

Download REST Assured Jars from Rest Assured GitHub

Step 1: Navigate to this link

Step 2: Download .zip files from Current Direct Downloads by clicking on links

Download REST Assured Jars from Maven Website

Step 1: Navigate to this link

Step 2: Select the Jar you want to download

Step 3: Click on Latest Version

Step 4: Click on View All

Step 5: Download the Jar

Repeat it for all required jars.

Add Maven dependencies to your pom.xml

Step 1: Navigate to this link

Step 2: Click on Latest Version

Step 3: Copy Maven dependency and paste it to your pom.xml

Video Tutorial


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