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Install Tidygherkin Plugin for Cucumber

Tidy Gherkin is a Chrome app for editing and formatting feature files. You can also generate your step definition for different languages using this plugin.

Features of Tidygherkin plugin

  • Get started on a feature file quickly with a template.
  • Create feature files with a consistent layout.
  • Preview and quickly apply formatting changes to scenarios.
  • See tips on correct syntax and see syntax highlighting as they type.
  • Easily create scenario outline tables with automatic column formatting.
  • Save/Open/Create feature files directly from Tidy Gherkin.
  • Generate Cucumber for Java/Ruby/Javascript step definitions from your Gherkin feature file

How to install Tidygherkin plugin

Step 1: Open Google and search for Tidygherkin plugin or go to chrome app store using this link

Step 2: Click on "Add to Chrome"

Step 3: Click on "Add app"

Step 4: Click on "Launch app"

Video Tutorial


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