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How to install Cucumber Plugin in Eclipse

Cucumber Eclipse Plugin helps eclipse to understand the basic Gherkin syntax and it works like a syntax highlighter. It highlights all the main syntax in the feature file which makes it more readable and clear. It also enables the run of the feature file independently, without the help of JUnit.

Features of Cucumber Eclipse Plugin

  • Lambda Expression support for Cucumber-Java8: As we all know, with the new Cucumber-Java8 API, we can write our step definitions with lambda expressions. A lambda expression is an anonymous function and nameless. Means by Lambda Expression we can create a Java function without any name and belonging to any class. So cucumbe-eclipse plugin is also enhanced to support both Content-Assistance and Glue-code features for Lambda Expressions. 
  • Reusing Of Step-Definitions From External Class-Path Dependencies(JAR/POM...etc): Cucumber-Step-Definitions can be bundled and reused from any external Class-Path Dependencies(JAR/POM...etc)
  • Content Assistance For Feature File: Content assistance provided for Keyword and Steps. Supports proposals for list of Keywords. Supports proposals for Predefined-Steps/Search based Predefined-Steps.
  • Syntax Highlighting: Syntax are highlighted with different colours.
  • New Step-Definition File Wizard: User can create a new Step definition(java) file from Eclipse 'File' Menu :
    File > New > Other > Cucumber > Step-Definition class > Next >.

How to Install Cucumber Eclipse Plugin

To install Cucumber with Eclipse, follow below steps. Steps may change version to version for Eclipse and Cucumber and your operating system.

Below steps are for Eclipse Oxygen version, This steps are same for Window 10 and Ubuntu 16.04:

Step 1: Click on Help->Install New Software

Step 2: "Install" popup will appear paste this url in "work with" textbox and press enter, you will see "Cucumber Eclipse Plugin" as an option. 

Step 3: Select "Cucumber Eclipse Plugin" checkbox and click "Next", Installation will start.

Step 4: Accept the agreement and click "Finish"

Step 5: You may get security warning, Just click "Install anyway".

Step 6: There would be a message to restart your eclipse, click on "Restart Now"

Your installation is complete.

Video Tutorial


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