Features and Scenario in Behat

In a project we have different feature files. Each feature file start with keyword Feature: or its localised equivalent. A feature consist of list of scenarios which start with Scenario: keyword.

Feature and Scenario both can be tagged. Scenario further consist of Steps which start with keyword like Given, When, Then, But or And.

Example of Feature and Scenario:

Feature: As a Content Editor,
  I should be able to create Basic Page Content type

  Scenario: Create Basic Page with required fields
    Given I am on the homepage
    And I go to "/user"
    When I fill in the following:
      | edit-name | editor12 |
      | edit-pass | test1234 |
    And I press "edit-submit"
    Then I should see "Successfully Logged in!"

In above example @smoke is a tag and we have entered username and password using table. Each step mentioned above has step definition defined in FeatureContext.php file.