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Use Backgrounds in Behat Feature File

Background allows you to add same context to all scenarios in a feature file.

Background contains several steps which will be used in every scenario. 

When a Scenario will be executed, steps written in background section will be executed first.

Writing Scenario in Behat using Steps and Keywords

Feature file consist of different Scenarios and each Scenario is combination of several steps.

Steps made up of keywords and words.

Keywords which step uses are Given, When, Then, And, But. Behat does not technically distinguish between these keywords but we should distinguish this to make our statements more meaningful.

Cucumber with Java: Features & Feature File

A feature can be defined as a standalone unit or functionality of a project. Each independent functionality of the project under test can be termed as a feature.

A feature consist of list of scenarios to be tested for that feature. Keyword to represent a feature under test is "Feature".

Test Closure Activity

In this activity we collect data from completed test activities to consolidate experience, testware, facts and numbers. Test closure activities occur when any project milestone achieved, such as software released, project completed or cancelled.

Behat & Mink: Using the Browser History

Mink gives you access to browser history. You can use some already defined methods with session object for using browser history.

You can get the current url and also use several Browser functions like reload, forward or backward.

Features and Scenario in Behat

In a project we have different feature files. Each feature file start with keyword Feature: or its localised equivalent. A feature consist of list of scenarios which start with Scenario: keyword.

Languages Supported By Gherkin

Gherkin is a little formalised natural language that's easy to write by non-programmers.

Gherkin supports over 60 spoken languages., You can write scenarios using localised keywords of your language.

In Behat you can check if language is supported by Behat using below command:

Cucumber with Java: Comments in Feature File and Step Definition File

Comment is basically a piece of code meant for documentation purpose and not for execution. To make Feature File and Step Definition File more readable and understandable. It is important to use comments at appropriate places in the file. This also helps while debugging the code.

Several ways of executing Behat Project

There are different ways of executing your Behat Project. You can execute complete suite, a scenario or set of tagged scenarios.

Below are the ways using command lines:

Execute Complete Suite: To execute all feature files use below command.

This will execute all feature files inside features folder.

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